Import Price/Discount Agreement journal with Excel Addins – Ax2012

In this post, I am going to explain about using “Excel Add-in” feature to integrate with Ax.

There are two ways to import data from Excel  “Add Data” (which is done using services”  and  “Add Table” (Importing data in table directly)


First let me explain about “Add Data”.

You need to define the service you are going to import in Organization Administration -> Setup -> Document Management -> Document Datasources.

In my example, I have added the service “ PricePriceDiscJournalService” to AccountsReceivable service group and I use it in the below set up.

As a prerequisite, before using the service to import from excel, deploy the service group and make sure there are no errors.


After this set up, clicking “Add Data” from Excel would list the services which are configured in the above form.



Select the necessary fields for import and click “Fields” again which means we are done with field selection and ready to enter data.


Click Publish and when the result is successful, you see the below status


A new journal would be created with the given values



In my next post, I shall explain about using Excel Addins with “Add Table”option.


About AnithaEswaran

Hello all, Thanks for visiting my blog. I started this blog to share my learning with Ax members . Since I am from technical background, most of my posts would be from X++. Thanks to my mentor and my colleague Romain who guided and helped me in learning many new concepts in Ax. This instilled confidence in me to handle and troubleshoot complex issues. Feedback wrt to my blog entries are most welcome …
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