TFS build – No correct build number for the model store

Recently we faced a weird issue in our build generation. Model store generated from the build, does not reflect the recent changes and correct build number when deployed.

This issue came when the previous build failed in Restore step of staging database. Since the staging db was not corrupted , I corrected it by taking the back up from another environment and using the same for the build.

Issue started from here : we get green builds but none of the builds have latest changes . On deploying we found the build number was of the back up DB which I restored from other environment.

Is there any issue with model file ? NO… Model file generated from the build has all the latest changes but model store is not giving proper output.

So , what should I do now ??

  1. Import the model file manually to the database with conflict :overwrite option
  2. Sync and compile
  3. Back up the model DB to the staging DB.

Now , we have correct build number when the model store is deployed.





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Hello all, Thanks for visiting my blog. I started this blog to share my learning with Ax members . Since I am from technical background, most of my posts would be from X++. Thanks to my mentor and my colleague Romain who guided and helped me in learning many new concepts in Ax. This instilled confidence in me to handle and troubleshoot complex issues. Feedback wrt to my blog entries are most welcome …
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