Adding a new Financial Dimension D365 FO

Here is the process to create a new Financial dimension to a table and to display it in the form.
I am taking an example to add a new field for dimension in Project Category.
  1. Extend the table and add the field for Dimension.          d2.JPG2. Next step is to create an EDT which is specific for ProjCategory. This has to extend “LedgerDimensionValueSet”D13. Create a controller class which refers to the new EDT which we have created.This step is needed to create the dimension entry control for the new field.If this step is missed, dimensions would not be visible in the form . d3.JPG4. Now extend the form and add a new tab for dimension d4.JPG
Build the solution. Now you can see the financial dimension 🙂


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Hello all, Thanks for visiting my blog. I started this blog to share my learning with Ax members . Since I am from technical background, most of my posts would be from X++. Thanks to my mentor and my colleague Romain Gasnier who guided and helped me in learning many new concepts in Ax. This instilled confidence in me to handle and troubleshoot complex issues. Feedback wrt to my blog entries are most welcome …
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