Date format issue in ‘Execute a SQL Query (V2)’ logic apps – D365FO integration

I had already explained about using sql query execution in my earlier blog posts. Recently I had another issue when using date column in the select list . For instance, in the below screenshot one of the field in the select list had Date column.

If you observe the output, result in the date columns will be in a different format.

The execution was successful in logic apps, but when this data is passed to FO, it ended up in error. It took sometime for me to troubleshoot the issue . The data was not passed to DMF staging which took more time in investigating . So I had to break down the steps by passing one record manually and analyzing the data . This gave me a clue on the date format .

Thus my next challenge is finding a solution to this issue.

I included one more step before sending the data to enqueue job. Use ‘Compose’ function to read the contents from csv table . Then replace the phrase ‘T00:00:00’ with blank value.

Given the code view of the logic.

The result of this step is passed to enqueue job and now the import ended without any trouble.

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Hello all, Thanks for visiting my blog. I strongly believe in "Knowledge increases by sharing ,not by saving". With that in mind, I started this blog to share my learning with D365FO community. Since I am from technical background, most of my posts would be from X++, Azure integration and other topics. Thanks to my mentor and my colleague Romain Gasnier who guided and helped me in learning many new concepts in Ax. This instilled confidence in me to handle and troubleshoot complex issues.
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